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About us

We are Czech company with 20 years experience and history in woodworking production. From 2017 we also offer CNC machining of plastic material. In 2020 we have started with development of our own line of products - wooden washbasins - under our brand KVETA, also we have expanded our range of products in massive wooden chair, table and other interior accessories.

During the year 2017 our company has acquired new production facilities in city Okrinek where we have all production technologies needed for our products under one roof. With production area of 2800 m2 we have sufficient area to operate - with preparing of the semi-finished products, CNC milling/turning of the products and lacquering in our paint shop where we work with oils, lacquers, including high gloss finish. Part of the production facilities includes also our offices, showroom for presenting our products. Majority of the sales are for domestic market, but we are also exporting our products and services outside Czech Republic to Austria, Germany, but also in other countries within the EU.