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Manufacturing process

Development of products - 2017-2021

Our company started the development of wooden washbasins in the year 2017, based on the request from architects and investors of commercial and private buildings, that is why we have internally developed processes how to produce wooden washbasin of premium quality. In addition to these atypical projects we have invested our time and sources in 2020 to more the production more effective with maintining premium quality of our products in mass production. In the year 2021 we have developed special processes in preparation of the semi-product, and CNC machining of the shape/dimensions and surface treatment of finish that is viable to use in bathroom. Based on this development  we have started to deliver to public in 2021 through our partners in furniture makers and joinery companies. In this year we are looking to expand our product range and distribute our products through partners in bathroom studios and other partnering shops. This year we are also about to launch e-shop with our products.

As we are developing,testing and producing these products from 2017, we are able to offer extended warranty of 5 years for all of our products.

Materials used for production of wooden washbasins

For production we use natural materials - woodem massive parts and plywood board, that we prepare in our joinery. Our suppliers are Czech based and also foreing suppliers of lumber that is sourced in boards where we in our joinery part of the company prepare semi-finished products using machining, gluing and milling on state of the art CNC machines. Domestic materials that we usually process are oak, european walnut, ash, maple, cherry. Imported materials are mainly americal walnut and cherry, iroko, ceder, wenge and zebrano. In mass production the most favourite materials are oak, ash and american walnut. Other woods are used mainly for atypical on order production according to requests and need of the clients.

As our products are used in bathrooms, where is water, moisture, we are carefully overlooking the material physical properties of the materials and products throughout the whole manufacturing process to avoid inappropriate movement of the wood and its internal structure therefore our products are controlled and checked on every step mainly in terms of humidity. Every material is different, we use several techniques how to treat the wood - e.g. heat treatments, using resin to stabilize the wood and others.

Manufacuring using CNC machines - shaping the washbasin

Following the prepartion of the suitable semi-finished product we further process the parts on our state of the art CNC machines - lathes and 5-axis milling centers. Using these technologies we are able to effectively and precisely produce the products in shapes and dimensions. Our machinery offers production of maximal technical dimensions of 160 cm in diameter for round-shaped designs and up to dimension of 600 cm for oval-shaped/milled washbasin. The height of the products can be as high as 40 cm, but we generraly produce the washbasins with height of 15-20 cm. Even if these maximal technical dimensions are not used for our general line of products, this gives us opportunity to satisfy atypical on order projects. Our mass production is focused on the common dimensions that is used for ceramic and stone washbasins, that means 40-50 cm diameter for round-shape products and 60x50 cm dimension for oval-shaped/milled washbasins.

After producing the final shape of the product all of the items are sanded manually of by our workers to ensure that the final surface is prepared to be finished with surface treatment of lacquer or oil so that it can be used in bathrooms.

Surface treatment - finish

We offer more options for final finish - including oil and lacquer. With usage of oil, there is a need to oil the products again after 2 years. The more preffered finish by our clients is the lacquer where there is no need to refresh the finish ever again. Of course the products need to be taken care of with the usual maintanance and cleaning of the washbasin according to provided guidance.

Dispatch of the products

Before each delivery of the products we do quality control so that we can check that all of the items are as were ordered in terms of shape, material and finish. We also closely control the whole washbasin so that it is according to our quality standards. Further the items are packed and enclosed with installment and maintanance info.